As Adidas attempts to rebound and really get back into the sneaker game against Nike and Jordan Brand, its most recent effort might be the one to really do it. The Tubular has been teased endlessly for the past few months and, by most accounts, it looks pretty damn good. And even though Kanye's Yeezi 3 may destroy it on the hype meter, no matter how ugly it might be, the Tubulars are fucking fresh. Because we're #influencers and hella #blessed, we got a pair ahead of its upcoming release on November 21st to get in-hand and test drive. Yes, we had to get these joints in the studio for some real ass professional coverage for a change, complete with the track pants to match.

After wearing these for a day or so around New York and through my daily routine, the thing that stands out most is the comfort level. The Tubulars are essentially neoprene socks on top of a super thick, tube-shaped EVA sole. There is a little added structure though, so they're not flimsy by any stretch. The heel counter at the back locks you in, there's a coating around the toes to help fight any damage or tears and the higher tongue doesn't irritate your ankle whatsoever. The soles make absolutely no noise when you walk, so when you're waiting in line at the coffee spot you can swoop in and pick up your double skinny tall chai latte without anyone noticing. REAL NINJA SHIT.

Look, at the end of the day, these are basically budget Y-3 Qasas aka one of the best sneakers known to man. A well-designed shoe at for 1/3 the price of its high-end relative? That's just weird enough? Fuck yeah, fam. Tubulars for the whole crew.

The Adidas Tubular will be available at Finish Line on November 21 for $110

Photos by Liz Barclay