No, customizing your own Tubulars is simply not enough. I've been waiting for a version of the Adidas Tubular Moc to really fucking nail it. The first iterations were pretty good, but not quite enough to convince me to spend my money on them. Well, Off The Hook, a great Canadian sneaker spot in Montreal, got its first ever Adidas Consortium collaboration with this now best in class Tubular Moc. These are a BANGER. Inspired by the French Canadian tradesmen who lived in the area in the 18th and 19th centuries, the sneaker features a mix of fabrics, like smooth black leather on the toe box and wool on the upper, and a tongue that is now split for your pleasure. Split tongues are a fucking great aesthetic detail that also provides a little bit of added comfort if you have fragile feet. The grey/black/tan colorway is perfect and there's even a blue insole that represents a frozen lake because Canada is extremely cold sometimes if you hadn't previously heard. If I'm buying a pair of Tubular Mocs, it's going to be these. They drop this Friday, April 17th, in-store and online for just $130 American doll hairs.

[Photos via Off The Hook]