The Y-3 Qasa gets a lot of credit for inspiring  the adidas Originals Tubular. Understandable, considering the popularity of the Qasa and the fact that the adidas designer behind last year's Tubular also helped deliver the Y-3 runner. But let's not dismiss the sneaker that started it all.

In the early '90s, adidas released the O.G. Tubular model, which took a page right out of conventional tire designs, resulting in a super cushioned outsole on the sneaker. adidas even took a very literal approach to this inspiration by allowing wearers to customize the comfort level of the outsole with an air pump.

The innovative design has officially returned, but with a modern makeover. adidas Originals has reissued the Tubular 93 with its O.G. upper, but with a midsole that comes from today's version of the Tubular. It's a perfect blend of new and old.

Pick up a pair today from the UK's Footpatrol for £105, or about $157.



[via Footpatrol]